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Hello and thank you for taking the time to learn about who we are. Joseanne's Garden is a private, unique estate owned by Joe and Rebecca Lykins.  The couple are also marriage coaches; Rebecca saw the need for a venue that would cater to the Bride and Groom with less than 100 guest and those couples wanting the lasting commitment of marriage, not just the immediate excitement of the pretty dress and perfect decorations. She perceived an idea where the couple could be at total peace during their wedding day.  To create a affordable garden wedding  with beauty and elegance that would put the reason for the occasion at the top of the wedding check list.  Rebecca and Joe treat each couple as if they were family. As owners they go out of her way to accommodate each request, you will seldom see an event that they do not attend. They take great pride in providing as much detail to each and every event as possible.  From the wedding vows to the reception they will walk you through your special day. No one ever remembers their entire day but at Joseanne’s Wedding Garden they will help you capture the unforgettable moments that will last a life time.  


Joseanne’s Wedding Garden and Victorian Cottage operates twelve months out of the year; however during summer months only small events of less than 10 guest are accommodated.  Due to the Arizona heat small elopements are conducted inside the air conditioned Victorian Cottage. Full Garden Weddings with receptions run September through May.


Joseanne’s is a non-alcohol venue. We believe that such a life changing event should be celebrated with clear thoughts.  If alcohol is important for you we suggest to conduct your beautiful garden wedding, your meal, cake cutting and first dance at Joseanne’s Wedding Garden rejoicing with your family and friends then hosting an after party at one of the nearby establishments that serve alcohol and are trained to assist you.


Together with their staff they make every effort to ensure that your event dreams come true. What is it that we do? We listen, we focus on your important details, we offer options, we always respond and we truly care about your marriage.

The Garden


When you open the hand carved angel gate you know immediately that you have entered a truly special place.


Joseanne’s Garden is home to over 70 rose bushes and other plants that line the brick walk ways as they fill the air with beautiful sweet scents. The colors are amazing as each rose shows its own personality. Cherub statues line the wall and the sound of a running water fall can be heard as you move toward the small bridge that will take you over the little creek, called "Honey Creek" and was named after the place Rebecca's Great Grandparents were married over 150 years ago.


Now down another brick path. Passing the pond, popping colors of roses and more statues you will finally walk through one of the gardens arches and then into the cottage yard where you will find more roses and of course the Victorian Cottage. 


Elopements and ceremonies of less than 10 may be conducted inside the garden area at your request; otherwise ceremonies are normally conducted at the foot of the Victorian porch in the cottage yard.

The Victorian Cottage


The Victorian Cottage is like no other. It whispers of a simpler time.  When you step from the white washed porch through the old French doors then onto the polished wooden floors you feel like you have just traveled two hundred years back into a time when lovers courted, a time when ladies shared good gossip over tea and relationships were about romance and true love.  For some the cottage brings memories of grandmothers’ parlor, the place where she displayed all her most admired objects. Whatever you fancy, if you glance around the cottage you will find something that will bring forth a memory of the past that was once close to your heart.

The Cottage is furnished with antiques and beautiful china all from different periods of time and countries.  The claw foot tub in the powder room reminds us of what relaxation used to be before our concerns of conserving water arrived.  In the boudoir lavender painted walls reflect a romantic atmosphere as the glow from the golden lamps cast softly above the 1920 burl wood bed and onto the 1829 portrait of a young woman holding her bouquet of roses.

Displaying your wedding cake directly under the magnificent crystal chandelier, adorned with hand painted cherubs on the ceiling makes this the perfect spot for the most admired center piece of your event. As you gaze around you might notice the vintage china, some is dating back as far as 165 years.

Beautiful lace fills the windows and canopies, as you look closer you will notice each one is made from a vintage wedding gown. The beauty and romance of the Cottage is unconditional.

The Cottage was conceived by Rebecca as her wish to offer a place of elegance and beauty for couples regardless of the number of guest on their list.  

The Estate

Built on what was then the fringe of civilization this spectacular dwelling has since been surrounded by suburban sprawl. One could drive past this true diamond in the desert, being only a few hundred feet off a well-traveled road, and never notice it as people have done many times over the years. Even with directions you begin to think your Garmin has taken you on a wrong turn.


Once you stumble upon this treasure, an arched steel home covered with earth, you realize you are observing a one of a kind.


The home is as beautiful on the inside as it is remarkable from the outside. Upon entering the home one can’t help but feel a real sense of security and comfort knowing the building you are in is virtually indestructible. Second to the feeling of security comes aesthetic appreciation of how beautiful the interior is and finally the economical benefits from being so naturally insulated.


Privately gated with plenty of parking, a hidden treasure as some have named it. Like the people that visit, Joseanne’ Estate is unique in many ways.

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