Marriage Enrichment, Encouragement

                         and the Covenant Marriage


Joseanne’s Wedding Garden and Victorian Cottage offers Marriage Enrichment Encouragement Coaching to any couple that wants to invest in their relationship.

Joe and Rebecca are certified Prepare/Enrich coaches and have found great success while working with couples in assisting them to build more loving and enhanced relationships. The pair works as a team and meets with couples for pre-marital and marital coaching on a weekly basis, teaching such things as communication, adapting, transparency.

They also offer a “Covenant Marriage” as part of your wedding experience. A Covenant Marriage requires pre-marital coaching that addresses many of the pit falls that could happen when you are married.  Working together they walk couples through a computer generated report that assist in pointing out areas of the couple’s relationship that may need some growth. Homework is often included that helps the couple to face challenges prior to their wedding day.

Upon completion of the sessions a notarized letter is given on their behalf to be taken with them to get an “Arizona Covenant Marriage License”.  According to reports less than 6% of people know what a Covenant Marriage is and 2% of couples in 2014 applied for a covenant marriage license. Reports also say that 95% of covenant marriages last over 20 years. While others without coaching last less than ten.

It’s our wish that every couple would consider a Covenant Marriage. To find out more please contact us.

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